Each quarter, we give to a different organization that helps women and children. 20% of our profits work to rehabilitate and provide hope to those who have lost much.

This quarter, we are giving to Destiny Rescue, an international organization that rescues children from sexual slavery and exploitation. They currently have programs in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, and India, and are working towards opening more rescue operations in more countries each year.

I had the privilege of volunteering with Destiny Rescue for a year in Thailand. It was amazing to see the difference in the girls’ faces, demeanors, smiles, confidence, and trust. They come in unable to make eye contact, afraid to speak up. Within weeks - because they are so willing to love - they have smiles. They are like free young women again. It’s a truly beautiful thing to witness and be a part of. They learn to make jewelry, sew, work in a cafe, or be a hair stylist. They taught me Thai, they made me laugh, they bought me gifts, they gave me hugs, and they taught me more about life, love, and forgiveness than I could have ever taught them.


There are a lot of factors to the rescue and rehabilitation of a child - the actual rescue, housing and feeding the children, professional counseling, school, English classes, vocational training, paying their wages when they work for Destiny Rescue, and then safely assisting them in their reintegration into their communities. This all requires many hours from many different volunteers. It also requires a good deal of money.

On top of 20% of all sales going to Destiny Rescue this quarter, we also offer the Freedom pendant. When you purchase this pendant, 50% of sales go to DR.

I am so thankful I had the opportunity to encounter the real life change happening in children in Thailand. I know so many people who want to help but can’t give a year of their lives to volunteer. I love that bel kai has made a simple way for people to help these children - even if they don’t realize they are helping!

So take a look at our designs, especially the Freedom pendant, and know that any of your purchases are going to help these children that so deserve and need it.

If you want to learn more about what Destiny Rescue is doing, check out their website here. If you have any questions about it all that you’d like to ask me, feel free to email me at lauren@belkai.com.

For freedom,

(Fun addition...here's bel kai's Director of Operations, Marah, with me in Thailand. Founder and CEO, Whitney, will also be visiting this fall.)