Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my Grandma and Grandpa Schafer. So much time, in fact, that just the other day when I was showing my husband pictures of me as a child, probably 80% of those pictures were taken at their house or with them.

I have so many memories of playing catch or going to Burger King with my grandpa, and of baking cookies, playing cards, and getting back scratches from my grandma. My grandpa loved golf and played often, though I just recently found out that he wasn’t actually any good. He loved taking photos and documenting the lives of people he loved. My grandma loved knitting, chocolate ice cream, and her family.

I recently moved back to the States after being overseas for two years. I was going through some of the things I had left behind, including an old jewelry box I’ve had for years. I found a lot of jewelry from my grandmas, including this cute tennis bracelet that I vaguely remembered. I asked my mom what it was from.

She told me that as my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary was approaching, my grandpa asked her what he should get for my grandma. He greatly loved my grandma, but wasn't exactly the most creative man. My mom suggested this bracelet, as it is simple and my grandma didn’t wear much jewelry aside from her wedding rings (and a string with a bell on it in winter that I had made her one Christmas as a necklace.) And so, on their 50th wedding anniversary, my grandpa gave my grandpa this beautiful bracelet.

I love being able to have a piece of my grandparents’ love story. I also love that it matches the ring I inherited that is both of their rings melted down into one with the diamonds from my grandma’s ring, that she had made and wore after my grandpa passed.

Being able to have and wear these pieces means a lot to me, just as my grandparents meant so much to me.

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