JJ Heller

I’ve collaborated with Bel Kai on several occasions to create custom necklaces with my song lyrics. My fans have absolutely fallen in love with them because they are absolutely beautiful! Whitney is a joy to work with.

JJ Heller

For over 15 years, JJ Heller has traveled the country sharing music full-time with her husband, Dave Heller, who also co-writes, plays guitar, and provides witty banter from the stage. Her songs have been featured on national television, international advertising campaigns, and radio stations across the world. Incidentally, it was the very year our founder, Whitney, started Bel Kai when she was watching an episode of So You Think You Can Dance and she paused when she first heard the captivating song that accompanied the dancer on stage. It was JJ Heller’s song entitled “Your Hands”.

The song just stopped me in my tracks. I knew she was singing what my heart knew to be true but often forgot, that the God of the Universe was holding me, always, in the midst of whatever I was experiencing. I quickly googled the lyrics to the song, found JJ Heller and immediately read her story. I felt a kindred connection as she spoke about music being the healing balm to anxiety in her life and that she emerged as a singer out of a time of depression & anxiety. Her story was so similar to my own. Soon after, I presented the idea of partnering on necklaces featuring her lyrics and artwork. (Okay, I may have begged, just a bit.) It has been such a rich collaboration for us over the years.

Whitney Wright, Founder

Since 2011, we have collaborated with JJ Heller on these five beautiful necklaces, featuring words from her song lyrics. We have designed most of them, in house. One of the designs, we worked with JJ Heller’s album artist. To date, we have handmade thousands of her collection of necklaces in our Indiana studio. We have sold this collaboration on our retail website, as well as sold bulk orders directly to JJ Heller at cost for her to sell as merchandise on tours around the country. We love that her audience has the opportunity to wear a beautiful piece jewelry, featuring lyrics from her beautiful melodies.