Little Cricket Letterpress

What is your name?
Martha Beeson

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Wilmore, Kentucky - a beautiful little town in horse country where we went barefoot and ran loose in the fields, spending evenings lying on hay bales to watch the stars. We grew our own vegetables and wore handmade clothes. I was a Pastor's kid so we tried to keep our hair untangled and our teeth clean.  We moved north when I was 16 years old and discovered that not everyone was sweet...

Where is home now?
I now live in Winona Lake, IN. 

Who do you live with?
My good husband Steve (sweet), 4 cats, a dog and lots of big, really big fish.

What does your work space sound like?
Clink-a-clank with an undertone of shhhp, layered over with all kinds of glorious music - and in the spring and summer, bird songs.

Who is your favorite artist?
I really love Charley Harper. His ability to pare the natural world down to simple geometric shapes inspires me to simplify. I like print maker Angie Lewin with her amazing interpretations of the natural world. And then there's Mariann Johansen Ellis, a print maker from Denmark. As far as Letterpress, I  admire the work of Studio on Fire and KeeganMeegan & Co. ...sooo many wonderful artists out there. 

What inspires you?
My two kids (and daughter-in-law) are artists and they inspire me every day. But I really get inspiration from listening to people's hearts and hearing what they would like to say to each other. I listen to my own heart - the deep down part that longs to communicate just the right words or images that will express the most important stuff.  I'm completely inspired by nature and the fact that God has such an interest in beauty - texture, colors, light. 

What is your favorite piece you have created for Bel Kai?
I thoroughly enjoyed the Valentine set. I didn't have a lot of time to work on images so I let the typography, words and color dance the dance. I loved every single piece I pulled off the press.

If you weren't creating art, what would your dream profession be?
I would feed people like crazy. I love to make delicious food that nourishes heart and soul, using fresh homegrown produce. 

What is your favorite snack?
I like to scoop a spoonful of peanut butter and Nutella...little nibbles...Okay - the whole thing in one slurp!

How would your best friend describe you?
A friend would probably say that I just need to sit down. I'm the busy type - maybe overly so. But I enjoy daily challenges so much! They would say that my house is "different" and that I need to take better care of my nails. They might point out that I'm missing that whole being fake thing. I hope they would say that I love Jesus first and all of the people that He brings into my life without judgement. Maybe they would say that my eyes leak a lot and that my heart is softer than the average bear.  

Is there anything else we must know?
My goal with Little Cricket Letterpress is to spread the joy and beauty of letterpress. When people see it (and feel it) for the first time, they gasp at the brilliant hand mixed inks and the lovely impression in fine paper. I look forward to providing workshops and open studio time for friends who would like to learn the process. 

Thank you to all of you at Bel Kai for encouraging me and believing in my work!  You have no idea... :)

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