We know that our business runs off of the memories and
meaningful moments of others.

Whether it’s a daughter creating a piece for her mother, a bride creating unique gifts for her bridesmaids,
a sister creating an offering for her soon-to-be sister-in-law, or a friend creating a memento
for a widow to commemorate her lifelong partner, these are the people we love to do this for.
The heart in each of our customers fuels our hearts and makes us want to be better. 

Our passion for helping others doesn’t just stop at helping you. We are passionate about helping
women and children, providing hope for those who may have lost much. We give 20% of all profits
to organizations helping women and children. We have chosen two organizations so that we (that includes you!)
can help all kinds of different people - from orphans to girls trapped
in sexual slavery. We want to help these people who have lost their families, their homes, their innocence…

And we’re so thankful that you help us help them!


10% of profits will go to Show Hope, a movement to Care for Orphans. We will be giving specifically to Adoption Aid. 

Millions of children around the world are waiting and longing for a family of their own. Though there are many families willing to adopt, the cost of adoption can be between $25,000 and $45,000. Many of these children will never know the love of a family because of this financial barrier.

Through Show Hope, you are a part of transforming the lives of children holistically, taking them from orphans to beloved sons and daughters. A financial Adoption Aid grant can help families overcome the financial barrier so more children can have homes.


10% of profits will go to Destiny Rescue, an international Christian based, non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing children from human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Destiny Rescue realizes that human trafficking is a big problem globally with up to 27 million men, women and children enslaved in its deadly grip today. They are determined to respond to God’s call to set captives free worldwide and are fully committed to fighting for their freedom, restoration and offering them a chance to dream again.